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Sense Monitoring is a polish startup, which has been evolving over the years into a leader in new technologies connected with the security of building sector. They are the creators of an Intelligent Roof System, which is based on their own S-One and DSW sensors measuring technical parameters of the constructions.




Sense Monitoring

UX/UI, Webdesign, Motion,

2016 – 2019


We started our journey, when Sense Monitoring was evolving from a startup into a regular company. Since then, we’ve come up with several projects – including web design, presentation templates, everyday communication materials and video production.

Photos © Sense Monitoring

Budget oriented design services

We provide settlement based on an hourly report containing information on the exact amount of time devoted to a given task. Our clients have full control of the priorities, deciding what part of the available budget they want to spend on each part of the project.

Do you want to estimate your project for free?

Our office is located in Poznań, Poland, but we work with clients from all over the world and we will be happy to evaluate your project and answer to all of your questions. Our expertise is always free.