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Huge Thing

Huge Thing is a project that has been evolving over the years but one thing remained the same – to create unique support system for startups that could improve making contacts with corporations. We've been providing graphic design services for Huge Thing since 2015. More specifically, we came up with entire website layout, printed promo materials and online visuals.




Huge Thing

Print, Webdesign, Branding,

2015 – 2021


Huge Thing is developing dynamically, so it's very important for us, to be able to adapt. We joined the project during the third run of the acceleration program. As we decided to cooperate, the logo and brand hero had been already accepted, so our job was to create the missing elements and refresh the existing ones.


Throughout the years, we elaborated a complex system of visual identity, which is currently still in use, and changes according to the market conditions. We also created a set of templates for lectures, documents, and social media updates.

One of the most important recent projects we did in cooperation with Huge Thing, was the design of large analytical report about the study on the current situation between corporations and startups in Poland.

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Budget oriented design services

We provide settlement based on an hourly report containing information on the exact amount of time devoted to a given task. Our clients have full control of the priorities, deciding what part of the available budget they want to spend on each part of the project.

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Our office is located in Poznań, Poland, but we work with clients from all over the world and we will be happy to evaluate your project and answer to all of your questions. Our expertise is always free.