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Eliksir is a unique hospitality venue in the Tricity area. It is a combination of a cocktail bar and an elegant, intimate eating house. The main idea behind this locale derives from the concept of food pairing, which is the skill of coupling the food with alcohol. We created the entire visual identity, website, and all printed materials.

We have also developed branding and packaging designs for Eliksir w Butelce (Elixir in the Bottle) - natural premixes for the self-preparation of high-quality cocktails, created by Eliksir Restaurant team.





Print, Branding,

2015 – 2021


Eliksir needed high quality materials, which could match their standards at the bar and eating house. They expected something simple and elegant. The knowledge and experience of the specialists responsible for the creation of Eliksir resulted in unconventional, alluring but also pure fusions in our menu. All delivered in their premium form.


We created entire visual identity, website and all printed materials in close cooperation with the Eliksir team. Many years of experience of their managers combined with our top-notch work resulted in a product that is reflecting individual needs and expectations.

Photos © Eliksir and Eliksir w Butelce

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