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Akademia Sztuki Capoeira

It is a place promoting Afro-Brazilian culture through capoeira classes. It was established 15 years ago as the first and only academy in this part of Poland. We had an opportunity to design new website and some promo materials.




ACMB Poznań

Webdesign, Branding, Motion,



The main challenge was to reinforce the brand's image online. The Academy had been on the market for many years and it used to rely on the traditional ways of student recruitment, mostly offline. Our task was to design a website and embark on a marketing campaign in cooperation with the MTA Digital agency, which was responsible for positioning and building up hype around the brand online.


Basing on lots of positive energy gathered around the idea of Capoeira we developed a clean and minimalistic website, focusing mainly on our photos.

The website has been improved and updated continuously and dynamically. This enables us to create new space for the marketing activities. Thanks to the well-known Brazilian energy of Capoeira and close cooperation with other places all over the world the project has reached an international level and is being continuously developed.

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