We are a graphic design studio.

We design logotypes, visual identifications, websites, promotional materials for printing and for the web on a daily basis. We work with interactive agencies, software and media houses, where we are responsible for the analysis phase, defining the functional scope, and for UX / UI design of web and mobile applications. We also deal with photography and production of video materials for the web.

How do we work?

Iteratively, in repetitive task loops, where the client stays in communication with us and can evaluate the effects of our work as they take place. The standard process is as follows:

01: Scope analysis and valuation

We determine what exactly should be delivered and in what form on the basis of all the information and materials provided on a given project. We are also able to anticipate the hourly budget for the implementation of the project.

02: Graphic design

We prepare project proposals that are subject to your verification. We work within the previously defined budget, so we do not introduce any restrictions as to the number of amendments or proposals. By default, we send a notification of exceeding 50% and 75% of the entire pool of hours for a given task.

03: Verification and final approval

The process of collecting comments, applying corrections and delivering the next version for verification is repeated until you accept the effects or burn the entire budget. After the final approval, we will deliver the results in the target format * together with a detailed hourly report.

* Our processes are flexible and adapted individually to the project and the needs of customers. The experience gained over the years allows us to adapt efficiently and easily to any set of tools.

The settlement:
Time & Material

We provide settlement based on an hourly report containing information on the exact amount of time devoted to a given task. You have full control of the priorities, deciding what part of the available budget you want to spend on each part of the project. Depending on your priorities, we can freely experiment with the amount of iterations, or focus on your goals and how to achieve them most effectively.

Our main principle is 100% transparency. Hourly reports contain detailed information on when and how much we have worked on the implementation of the tasks. Most often we send them every week or every month, depending on the scale of the project.

Our hourly rate is always set individually and depends on the nature of the project, therefore we strongly encourage you to contact us. We will be happy to evaluate your project.

Contact us if you need:

  • Visual identity design or brand logo or event.
  • Design and / or implementation of a website or online store.
  • Graphic materials used in current communication on Social Media and the Internet.
  • Pre-printed designs of company materials such as business cards, posters, invitations, stationery and textiles.
  • Designs of catalogs, leaflets, brochures, reports or reports.
  • Animation or video material for the Internet.
  • Consultations related to the definition of the functional scope of the project or support in the planning and execution of promotional activities.

They trusted us: